Kikatiti School in Tanzania

Support of the Kikatiti School in Tanzania: 

In 2000, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) recognized that there was a significant problem with the schools in Tanzania. The schools operated at poverty level and were characterized by poor facilities, inadequate teacher preparation; low salaries, lack of textbooks, visual aids, laboratory equipment and library resources.   Linda and Doug Dybsetter, who were living in Arusha, Tanzania at the time, tackled the problem of the Kikatiti School.

A partnership was formed with Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in New Ulm, Minnesota. A delegation from New Ulm and Christ Lutheran Church in Cottonwood, MN.  visited the school where repairing and renovation of the classrooms took place.

The partnership continued with Our Savior’s Lutheran Church and the Kikatiti School.  Christ Lutheran Church has also been in a support relationship with the school since 2000.  In 2009, Christ Lutheran Church established a formal relationship of financial and friendship support with the school.  Christ Lutheran Church recognizes the continued need for support to the school, as education is key to assisting people in Tanzania to elevate them from poverty.

Correspondence can be made with the school’s headmaster, Tareto Nassari,  Kikatiti Secondary School, PO Box 262, Usa-River, Tanzania or via e-mail to

To view a video about the Kikatiti School in Tanzania, click here

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